19. 06. 2024.

Male born the: 06.12.2007. - passed away the 30.01.2019.
Microchip no.: 688050000101147

Category: MINI; Thorax circumference: 37 cm; Weight: 5,8 kg

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Internationals dogs shows

EXCELLENT, category intermedia, 05.04.2009. Zaječar, judge: Sanja Momčilovć-Bognič (Serbia)
EXCELLENT, category intermedia, 10.05.2009. Paraćin, judge: Barbka Novak (Slovenia)
CACIB, BEST OF BREED,14.06.2009. Sabac, judge: Dragan Ristić (Serbia)
CACIB, BEST OF BREED, 27.03.2010. Jagodina, judge: Sinisa Rančić (Serbia)
CACIB, BEST OF BREED, 23.05.2010. Nis, judge: dr Mile Aleksoski (Macedonia)
CACIB,, 03.04.2011.Zaječar, judge: Bratislav Milosević (Serbia)
CACIB, BEST OF BREED, 08.04.2012. Zaječar, judge: Dragan Ristić (Serbia)
CACIB, 28.07.2012. Soko Banja, judge: Milić Ralić (Serbia)
CACIB, BEST OF BREED, 07.04.2013. Zaječar, judge: Žika Mitrović (Serbia)
CACIB, BEST OF BREED, III BEST OF GROUPE, 27.07.2013. Soko Banja, judge: Žika Mitrović (Serbia)

Nationals dogs shows

CACB,category intermedia, specialised Teckel`s show,05.04.2009.Zaječar, judge: Jože Vester (Slovenia)
CACB, category intermedia,03.05.2009. Kobisnica, judge: dr.Jovica Stankov
CACB, BEST OF BREED,07.06.2009. Surčin, judge: dr. Vladimir Videnović
CACB, category intermedia, specialised Teckel`s show, Kragujevac,13.06.2009. judge: dr.Jovica Stankov
R.CACB, 20.06.2009. Bečej, judge: Istvan Nagy (Hungaria)
CACB, open category, 24.07.2010. Soko Banja, judge: dr Nebojsa Surbatovic
CACB, open category, 29.08.2010. Negotin, judge: dr Vladimir Videnović
CACB, open category,  09.10.2010. Svrljig, judge: Mirko Marković
CACB, open category, 07.04.2012. Knjaževac, judge: dr Vladimir Videnović
CACB, open category, 06.04.2013. Knjaževac, judge: dr Vladimir Videnović
CACB, open category, 29.06.2013. Žagubica, judge: Sanja Momčilović-Bognič
CACB, BEST OF BREED, III BEST OF GROUP, 10.08.2013. Negotin, judge: Žika Mitrović
CAC, open category, 17.08.2014. Negotin, judge: Žika Mitrović



CERTIFICATE OF HUNTING ABILITY, 14.03.2009. Zaječar, judge: Jovica Misković
Certificate of hunting ability on wild boar, 15.03.2013. Svrljig, judge: Sulejman Jasari